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We Rescue Challenged Projects

Every solution, project and implementation will experience pain points, roadblocks or inefficiencies.
We help solve mission-critical issues within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and NAV.

Need help with the Four Ps?

If you’re having problems with Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you’re likely struggling with one or more of the Four Ps. Success with Microsoft Dynamics comes down to optimizing your People, Processes and Platform—using the right Microsoft-certified Partner.


Is your employee productivity suffering because you can’t share mission-critical data with users, management, customers and partners? Are your staff and management alike frustrated with inadequate reporting tools?


Do you have too many manual processes, data spread across multiple spreadsheets, or bottlenecks in your processes? Have you created so many work-arounds that you cannot track where products and orders are in your process?


Is Microsoft Dynamics not performing the way you require it to? Are you facing data and performance issues? Having trouble getting it to integrate with Office 365 and Microsoft tools? Facing limitations in functionality?


Have you lost trust in your Microsoft Technology partner because they’re unresponsive, not transparent or they lack the resources you need? Are missed deadlines and unexpected cost increases forcing you to look elsewhere?

Qixas Group: the Microsoft Dynamics optimization experts

At Qixas Group, we help you boost productivity, improve customer service and drive growth by fixing the mission-critical issues you are facing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central.

We are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central Gold Partner with over 20 years of experience helping enterprises around the world tackle the Four Ps of Microsoft Dynamics optimization.

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How we help you

Boost efficiency

Your users get the data they need, when they need it, and share that data with internal and external stakeholders easily and securely

Improve productivity

We use a combination of custom coding and training to make Microsoft Dynamics easy and intuitive to use

Improve reporting

We create executive dashboards and custom reports that give your executives the metrics and KPIs they need to drive growth

Automate processes

We eliminate manual processes and duplicate data entry to reduce errors, improve efficiency and eliminate paper

Remove bottlenecks

We help you harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics to eliminate problems with data collection, inventory management, bin tracking and more

Integrate systems

We consolidate multiple point solutions for business applications into one source of truth

Discover inefficiencies

We help you uncover quality issues and inefficiencies caused by rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions and management changes

Improve customer service

We help you improve customer service by discovering new and easier ways to accomplish everyday tasks

How it works