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We dig deep into the challenges you're facing so to determine the best strategy to get to your desired future goals

Qixas uses a proven methodology that ensures your business solution is specifically tailored to fit your needs; from day one. Our goal is to implement a technology solution, that helps your organization improve working capital throughout your entire cash conversion cycle.

We do this by working together to implement a solution that represents an efficient representation of your business and how it works.

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of ERP projects fail according to Gartner. We eliminate that risk by focusing on understanding your priorities and building an air-tight plan that  accommodates ALL of your processes and compliance standards. 


of organizations consider their ERP implementation helped them to grow their business substantially.

Common reasons clients need a Solution Assessment

What's Included?

In order for any project to be successful, there needs to be a clear understanding of what is being built and how it will change your current environment. The first step in any project is defining a documented scope and desired future state that everyone can follow the same direction towards. We provide clarity around your project, define what the project should look like, quantify your key pain points, and create a Business Value Analysis to help you prioritize on the values that matter most to you.

  • Desired Future State

    Recommendations on how to get your business to your desired future state.
  • Day in the Life Process Map

    Outlines Order to Cash, Procure to Pay and operating processes on a conceptual level.
  • Proposal & Business Value Analysis

    Business Value Analysis and Requirements document that outlines the client business value prioritization and Qixas high and low risk value.
  • Custom Project Plan

    Project Plan includes summary of tasks, schedule and prioritization, project charter, business case, key risks and keysuccesses, resource plan, key milestones, assumptions and constraints.
  • Assessment Workshops

    We'll run 11 workshops around critical areas of your business. These will allow us to learn and provide training on how Business Central will be able to resolve your pain points.

Assessment Workshops

Remember the last time you had to make a list of everything that was wrong with your organization?. You probably found yourself overwhelmed by everything you needed to do, and everything you needed to fix. You probably felt like there was no way you could get it all done, and that you didn't even know where to start.

That's why we created these workshops. We want to help you get a better understanding of the challenges your business faces—and then help you prioritize them so you can start tackling them in the right order.

Executive Session

We outline all your business pains: what are you doing wrong, what are you missing out on and what you wished could be done better internally or externally. We then look at value: how much is each pain costing you? Then we came up with actionable technology strategies that would help alleviate those pains and get you to your desired future state. Lastly, we take a look at what KPI’s (key performance indicators) are most important for your organization.

Order to Cash

An organization’s "order-to-cash" process is vital to its success. it's what makes a business money and how a business builds customer relationships. The O2C process is made up of tasks that are performed by various departments within an organization. Because of its central role in every company’s success, we review your O2C process to make sure it is efficient as possible, define Key KPI’s and determine your desired future state.

Purchase to Pay

Purchase to Pay is the end-to-end process of purchasing and paying for goods. An efficient P2P process leads to greater control over the management of suppliers, which results in reduced costs for the organization and improved customer service. In this workshop we will explore Core Processes, E-Purchasing, AP Automation, Budgeting, Contingent Workforce Management, Dynamic Discounting and Supplier Information Management / Registration, Employee Expense Management and payments.

Inventory Cycle

Inventory management is often overlooked, but represents one of the most valuable tools in growing your business. The inventory cycle is a time-based process which allows you to maximize resources and cash flow. This workshop will explore ordering, production and delivery and gain an understanding of the inventory cycle in relation to its impact on potential gross margin and spend. We will look at current KPIs and create new objectives to focus on like reducing stockouts or reducing inventory cycle by X days.

Back Office (Finance/HR/Other)

The back office is the part of your business that's behind-the-scenes. It's where you keep track of the things that keep your company running, like keeping track of customer information, cash flow, and payroll. In this workshop we will evaluate the fiscal period processes, cash flow analysis, banking, accounts payable, and account receivable.

Systems, Integration, Data

Integration of systems, data, and processes is a key component of any successful business. In this workshop, we will review the key business systems that have been implemented at your client and how they are integrated with each other. We will also define the integration requirements at a conceptual level. Finally, we will discuss data conversion and migration best practices.

Industry Specific Workshop

This workshop is specific to your industry. We get to know more about your product or service and the unique functionality and processes you use in your business, and then reveal the gaps in how you operate so we can improve them.

Desired Future State

Our workshop will begin with a discussion of the desired future state of your business. We'll ask you to think about what your business will look like in 5, 10, or even 20 years, and how you want it to be different from how it is now.


This workshop is intended to provide you with the best practices for setting up your environment and deploying the product. We will review Key Technology Systems and Infrastructure Available to you, Give you an Environment Set-Up Best Practices Overview and determine the optimal set-up with production and non-production environments. We will also review Licensing Options and Timelines.

Evaluation of Preliminary Design

In this workshop , we'll evaluate the preliminary design for our objective future state. We will evaluate key architecture and set-up considerations to achieve this goal.

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