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How do you know it's time to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Reports take too long to generate

Reporting is complicated and provides data that is incorrect or not detailed enough

No real processes in place

There are lack of workflows and very limited or no audit trails that can put your organization at risk.

Errors that could have been avoided

Manual processes are becoming tedious, some resulting in duplicate entries and errors.

Systems that don't work together

Systems are disconnected and it is becoming difficult to work with new or enhanced add-ons and programs.

Is your current Dynamics NAV solution still supported by Microsoft?

When a solution is supported, it has access to new features, functionality improvements and crucial security updates. When you are not getting the important security upgrade to your ERP solution, you leave your system vulnerable to threats and downtime . Unsupported solutions cannot support new features. Therefore, if there is a change in the software, customers will have to pay for any development needed to adapt to these changes.

What are my options as a Dynamics NAV user?

Traditional Upgrade

An upgrade takes your existing environment and moves it forward.

This approach is best for small and medium-sized solutions that want to keep customizations, and have very few constraints for moving to SaaS ( software as a service).

Choose an upgrade if...

  • You are using at least 80% of your customizations
  • You have customizations that are better replaced by ISV solutions or add-ons that are already compatible with Business Central
  • You have relatively clean data
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A re-implementation is starting from scratch.

This is a new implementation with your historic data. You system is re-designed with new technologies in mind and unused customizations and business processes are reviewed to ensure you get a more functional system.

Choose a re-implementation if...

  • A large percentage of customizations are not used or have been replaced by standard functionality
  • You want to re-design your current processes as they have changed since your first ERP implementation or you feel they were not done correctly using best practices.s
  • You want to review the quality of your data
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Upgrade FAQS

Commonly asked questions from Dynamics NAV users upgrading to Business Central.
What is the difference between Dynamics NAV and Business Central?

Business Central is a web-based platform of Dynamics NAV has similar functionality to NAV. The main difference is that with NAV there is a concurrent user’s model of license, while with Business Central the licenses are based on named Users.

What is the difference between an on-premises deployment and Business Central online?

One basic distinction between the two is that the online version is best suited for small businesses with simple business processes who don't really need the complicated features that are in the more expensive on-premise version. With the online version, you have access to your data 24/7 in real-time which is not available in the on-premise version unless you have the network hardware to facilitate that.

Can customizations be brought over to Business Central?

Yes, Business Central includes customization tools called extensions that can replicate the customizations in your current system. There is a possibility that you may not need customizations as those features may be available in Business Central out of the box. Microsoft AppSource may also has 3rd party add-ons or tools that could replace customizations.

How much does Business Central cost?

Microsoft offers paid licenses in 4 ways Essential, Premium, Team Member & External Accountant. You can view the licensing guide and pricing here.

Does Business Central allow Dual User Rights?

Yes, Business Central does allow dual user rights. To take advantage of Dual Use rights, a Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud subscription needs to be activated through CSP.

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