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We will show you most low risk and inexpensive way to move from Dynamics NAV to the the latest version of Business Central.

Is it time to upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

Figuring out the right time to upgrade your business software can be a bit tricky. Here are a few signs its time to make the transition to the cloud.

The Ultimate Dynamics NAV Upgrade Guide

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Dynamics NAV Upgrade FAQs

Commonly asked questions from Dynamics NAV users upgrading to Business Central. 

What is the difference between Dynamics NAV and Business Central?

Business Central is a web-based platform of Dynamics NAV has similar functionality to NAV. The main difference is that with NAV there is a concurrent user’s model of license, while with Business Central the licenses are based on named Users.

What is the difference between an on-premises deployment and Business Central online?

One basic distinction between the two is that the online version is best suited for small businesses with simple business processes who don't really need the complicated features that are in the more expensive on-premise version. With the online version, you have access to your data 24/7 in real-time which is not available in the on-premise version unless you have the network hardware to facilitate that.

Can customizations be brought over to Business Central?

Yes, Business Central includes customization tools called extensions that can replicate the customizations in your current system. There is a possibility that you may not need customizations as those features may be available in Business Central out of the box. Microsoft AppSource may also has 3rd party add-ons or tools that could replace customizations.

How much do licenses cost?

Does Business Central allow Dual User Rights?

Yes, Business Central does allow dual user rights. To take advantage of Dual Use rights, a Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud subscription needs to be activated through CSP.

The Top 4 Benefits of Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is not just an upgrade—it's a revolution. Experience streamlined operations, robust data security, unparalleled scalability, and seamless integrations that transform your business. Think of Dynamics 365 Business Central as your business's best friend - always there, always supportive, and ready to take your operations to the next level.


Qixas is a Full Service Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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