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Key Phases of Project Delivery Part 2: From Planning To Implementation

We looked at the first half of the project in an earlier blog. In this one today we look at the exciting time where all that planning moves into execution. Any project works best when it is delivered and measured against a refined process. And that’s what we do. Let’s take a look now at the 2nd part of the project management and how it delivers success for you, whether you are looking for implementation services, upgrades, performance tuning, training and support.

Putting Plans Into Practice: Execute Phase

Now we move into the part of the project where we get to see something that resembles the final product. We build the systems that you will use when the project is delivered. Then start with the different components and test each of these individually to ensure they are fit for purpose. After that we look at how each of these fit together. It is only once they all fit together and work that we know we have a system that will provide what you need.

There are a whole host of deliverables here, which include –

  • Final Business Process Models which indicate the finished product
  • Final System Configuration so you can have an operational Microsoft Dynamics solution
  • Final Custom Code Development to link with any existing software
  • Solution Testing (Process, Integration, and Data Acceptance) completed so we understand how it will react

All of these together with others are the Microsoft Dynamics solution. We look at any risks again to ensure that we provide you with protection. There are many risks when operating on the web, so this is at the core of our operation.

You need all of the components to work together in unison. But testing something in an isolated environment doesn’t give us all the answers we need. That’s why we connect to the next phase.

A Working Solution: Adopt Phase

And now we get to the part that we have all been waiting for. All the planning, production and testing have been done. This is where we embed the new solution into your existing business. Part do this will be the final levels of training for you and your team. You all want to be able to operate within the new system with ease and confidence.

But the adopt phase is about far more than that. We are now heading into the ‘go live’ part of the project. This is where we really earn our crust as we constantly monitor the solution to ensure that it does exactly what you need. This includes –

  • Managing risks and issues
  • Communicating with you
  • Listening to your feedback
  • Updating the Project Plan as necessary

And all of this happens in real time, so you have the support needed to make your system run as smoothly as possible. Our team are here to help you understand how it all works, as well as there to listen to what you, your team and your customers are saying. This feedback is vital to ensuring that the solution works seamlessly.

Flying Solo: Deploy Phase

This is the part where we switch off any old systems; and you use only the new Microsoft Dynamics system we have built for you. The key deliverables here are –

  • Final Data Migration so that the new system carries all the load
  • Final System Readiness & Go-Live Checklist so you know what is happening
  • Production System for you and your team
  • Cutover to Production so the new solution runs correctly

This is where you sign off the project as complete, as we deliver a successful solution for you. There will be many questions here, and we are at hand to answer these and put your mind at rest.

Ongoing Support: Stabilize Phase

But the Deploy Phase isn’t the end of our journey together. We are still there as your new Microsoft Dynamics system is used day in, day out. We are here to support you post-production, and to help you with the transition. Moving to a new system is never without a hiccup or two. None of these will be major issues but when they happen you know we are here to call on. Obviously, we want to make sure you are totally satisfied with the end result of our work, so we are always there to help you make a success of the solution. To learn more about our project stages and how we can help you implement your ERP solution, contact us today.