The New World of Manufacturing Has Arrived

Decision makers are ambushed daily with critical manufacturing problems that require urgent actions or quick adjustments. Issues such as complex logistics, data analytics and rapid time to delivery are crucial and to solve this problem they will need platforms that produce more agile insights from multiple sources with less marginal errors. This is where Business Central comes into play.

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Business Central Manufacturing Module Capabilities

Whether you are a contract manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, Microsoft 365 Business Central comes with the functionality you need to support your business model.

Demand Forcasting

Managed demand forecasting based on items and sales forecasts for products and components on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis

Agile Manufacturing

This allows you to run the Agile Manufacturing, Supply Planning and Capacity Planning modules.

Version Management

Version Management creates and manages different versions of the manufacturing bill of materials and routings.

Production Bill of Materials

The Production of Bill of materials(BOM) is a required configuration for all other Manufacturing modules which allows of bills of materials to calculate standard costs.

Capacity Planning

Adding capcity planning to the manufacturing process sets allows the set up of routings and ues them on production orders and in material requirements planning.

Production Orders

The Production Orders module includes a manual supply planning tool which is an alternative to automatic planning. With this module, you can create and manage production orders while posting consumption and output to those orders. Following the creation of a production order, you can calculate its net requirements.

Supply Planning

Supply Planning incorporates automatic production/purchase orders, action messages that balance the supply and demand quick and easily and support for bucketed/bucketless material requiremnets planning. It also includes the setup of items with their own re-ordering policy whether manufactured by or purchased from a third party

Sales and Inventory Forecasting

The sales and inventory forecast extension predicts possible sales using historical data and gives you an overview of probable stock-outs. Based on the forecast, this creates replenishment requests to your vendors. Built-in Azure AI uses historical data to helps manage stock more efficiently.

Manufacturing Best Practices

Qixas has certified staff that can assist growing manufactures to implement Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing companies. We recommend that you start with the basics in order to receive benefit immediately. Then, add value in phases as your business requires. Benefits include:
  • Reduce onboarding time with implementation phasing
  • Flexible planning options let you manually plan production orders, or plan them from sales orders, while implementing Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Calculate and plan production times, based on lead times on the item card, while you setup capacity requirements planning
  • Fine-tune the system as changes to your operations demand
  • Update the system with different manufacturing scenarios as they occur
  • Significantly reduce manual time and material data collection errors on the shop floor with bar coding

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