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Choosing accounting software for your business- What if you get it wrong?

Choosing accounting software for your business- What if you get it wrong?

Accounting software selection is a big decision, filled with difficult decisions to make every step of the way. So what happens if you get it wrong? The following is an outline of the 4 mistakes that are made by businesses during this selection process.

Assuming That All Software Is Created Equally –Assuming that all software is the same when it comes to cost, looks and functionality is an all too common mistake. While the basics of each software are typically the same, you need to ask yourself will the technology support growth if the size and complexity of your business changes suddenly?   Can it support third party applications that your organization depends on?

Opting For the Cheapest Solution Instead Of the Best-The software that you choose has a huge bearing on the organization’s productivity and future success. With everything to lose and nothing to gain by going the cheap route, businesses still regularly opt for a discounted rate, as opposed to spending the money necessary to guarantee quality. However, discounted software rarely performs as well as top tier options.

Allowing IT to Take Over the Selection Process-Handing over control of the selection process to an IT department is problematic, since IT departments use their own technological biases and their understanding of the organization’s typical business process to make their decision. They do not have a big picture view of the future and the organization’s place in the industry.

Falling Into the Demo Trap- Companies often allow themselves to be swayed by a fancy presentation. The presentation should be one of the least important factors in this decision, but for many, it takes on an excessive amount of importance. Instead of worrying about a presentation, questions must be asked about the software’s ability to scale along with the organization, the design, the architecture and how proven it is.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials ?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials is an all in one business management solution that can fully integrate with CRM connecting the ordering, selling, invoicing, and reporting processes into one dynamic solution.  It is a low cost SAAS offering and is praised for having more flexibility and functionality than its competitors ( specifically QuickBooks and FreshBooks)  Since it is hosted in the cloud, it’s easy to change and adapt at your own pace without the constant use of your IT department.

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