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We take a deep dive into your company’s inner workings and align every department and system towards the same goals.

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Every goal starts with "go"

Established businesses can often grow unfocused over time. Business process consulting can align a company better to their original guiding principles and help them to make better decisions in the future. We take a deep dive into your company's daily tasks and try to understand how you handle employees, resources and IT systems.
You need to automate your processes, for example. The last thing you need in your journey is surprises. You need to make sure whatever technology you want to implement supports your business processes. Our job is to make sure that your desires for integration and the software interface are compatible with Microsoft Technology integration and customization recommendations. We also take a look at high-level functionality, technical specifications and other requirements you have.

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Our Assessment concludes with a detailed proposal containing our findings, recommendations and implementation roadmap consisting of:

  • Implementation cost model
  • Resource plan
  • High-level implementation plan
  • Organization breakdown
  • Role breakdowns
  • Options for breaking the implementation into custom phases

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