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Business Process Consulting

Successful implementations of Dynamics 365 Business Central begin by eliminating surprises

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Let’s Talk About Surprises

You’re switching to Dynamics 365 Business Central for sound business reasons. You need to streamline your processes, for example. Make smarter decisions. Accelerate your growth. The last thing you need in your journey is surprises. You need to make sure Business Central supports your business processes. You must ensure that your desires for integration and the software interface are compatible with Microsoft Dynamics integration and customization recommendations. The same goes for the high-level functionality, technical specifications and other requirements you have—you can’t afford surprises.

At Qixas, we know that the secret to successful implementations is what happens before the implementation starts. Successful implementations of Business Central begin with a comprehensive Assessment. Qixas Group is an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Gold Partner with over 20 years of experience helping businesses around the world implement the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products. Before you hire us to conduct a Streamlined Implementation of Business Central for your business, we conduct a comprehensive Assessment.

Get Complete Visibility into Your Business Processes

Our Assessment concludes with a detailed proposal containing our findings, recommendations and implementation roadmap consisting of:

  • Implementation cost model
  • Resource plan
  • High-level implementation plan
  • Organization breakdown
  • Role breakdowns
  • Options for breaking the implementation into custom phases

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