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Bombarded with Project Change Requests? Here’s How to Manage and Control Them Effectively

In the business world, a change request happens so often and is met with dread each time. But it is a reality that every project manager must face. Good thing enterprise resource planning software exist to help ensure better project management. In an ever-changing business environment, no one really knows if they can achieve every objective listed at the start of a project. Rather than worry about a change request, it is best to find ways manage them effectively, including choosing the best Microsoft ERP application to use for your business.

When does a change request happen?

When another team member or the client wants to alter or change the deliverables that have been agreed upon at the start of a project. The request usually involves a proposal to alter a system or product. Change requests can be inside or outside the scope of a project. The former are small corrections that you can do using ERP software like Microsoft dynamics. But the latter requires a sizable amount of work and time and almost always impact the budget. This is where the business process management application becomes even more vital to the entire project.

How to effectively manage change requests?

Ask for supporting materials

Whether it’s a client or another team member who propose a change request, ask for materials that will support and help in implementing the request for change. Find out why they’re requesting the change and the anticipated benefit in doing so. It is important to determine if the change request is worth the time, investment, and effort.

Consider the scope

Is the change request inside or outside the scope? Either way, it is important to consider all aspects of a project that will be affected if a change request is implemented. This is especially true if the request is outside the scope where a lot of problems would arise. This can also mean a waste too much time, resulting in delayed project completion.

Assess the priority

Is the change request an actual need or just nice to have? The answer will tell you if you need to respond to change immediately or not. Make sure to have clearly defined guidelines on how to evaluate the priority and urgency of change requests. It is also important to use common sense. The client might not know what is good for them and the project. It doesn’t matter if you can automate the change request process using ERP application if it turns out to be the least priority.

Approve or reject

Based on previous tips, it is clear that you don’t need to implement every change request made. There are factors to consider, from the budget to the timeline. In any case, there should be a standard approval or rejection process. Different companies follow different ways to go about this. Most of the time, a change of request within the scope can be approved within the team. But if it is outside the scope, executives may need to approve the change of request. If a change request is approved, there should be a standard course of action going forward as well.

Once required documents and initial plans and schedules are updated, the project manager must disseminate information of the new course of action to everyone affected. Delegation of the updated tasks will then follow.

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