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5 Solid Reasons Top Organizations Are Moving To The Cloud

You have great products and services, but that’s not enough. Today’s customers expect the convenience of anytime, anywhere services and support using various technology devices. That’s where Dynamics 365 comes in. Microsoft’s new generation of cloud technologies is the talk of the town bringing businesses that were in sitting in the back seat of their industry to the forefront. Since its release, 84% of SMBs feel that this technology has positively affected their company’s productivity, sales and customer retention.

Here are a few telltale signs it’s about time you start thinking about the cloud:

  1. Systems are disconnected and it is becoming difficult to work with new or enhanced add-ons and programs.
  2. Reporting is complicated and provides data that is incorrect or not detailed enough.
  3. Manual processes are becoming tedious, some resulting in duplicate entries and errors.
  4. You either don’t have an accounting system or it no longer can keep up with your business growth.
  5. There are lack of workflows and very limited or no audit trails that can put your organization at risk.

Dynamics 365 is a low cost, managed computing environment for organization who don’t want to own their own hardware. Dynamics 365 gives you  the ability to automate business processes, gives you a visual of every department and provides a  huge savings on IT Infrastructure costs. It’s like renting office space in a building. You can choose the size of your office space according to the size of your team, add furniture or décor and each “tenant’ gets the same benefits such as security or parking. If you need more offices because your team is growing, you simply add more. Same thing goes with Dynamics 365; scale up and down as you need and pay for what you use. Leading companies around the world are now seeing the benefits of the cloud, with over 74% of CFOs saying it will have a measurable impact on businesses until 2020.  It’s no wonder businesses of all sizes are using cloud technology as a competitive advantage.

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Floyd Chan
Floyd Chan
Floyd Chan, Qixas President, is known by his peers in the Microsoft Dynamics Channel as “the NAV genius.” As a revered Dynamics NAV architect, he is the go-to person for resolving the most complex challenges that might arise during a NAV implementation. Due to his reputation in the Channel, Floyd’s NAV training programs, presented online and throughout North America, are always sold out! Follow Floyd Chan on LinkedIn