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3 benefits of CRM for Government you need to know

3 benefits of CRM for Government you need to know

Because of the nature of the public sector, CRM that is geared towards business is not the most effective solution to customer care. Value added to private enterprise via CRM is a result of catering to specific processes inherent to enterprise.

For government institutions, the environment is quite different; thus, a different CRM solution that is specially designed to perform in this environment is what is needed. As an example, because government institutions are responsible for the delivery of a wide range of civic offerings, multiple interfaces of collaboration are essential. Despite the unique nature of the public sector, because businesses have advanced so extensively in providing customer care, the customers of government institutions (ie. citizens) have high expectations when it comes to interacting with their government.

CRM for government aims to facilitate the strengthening of these relationships through focusing on citizen-centric service. Below are some of the key benefits that CRM offers for government institutions, allowing them to deliver services more efficiently, and cost-effectively. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for government focuses on helping institutions meet three key objectives:

People-centric productivity

CRM helps increase workload efficiencies for public service through streamlining processes and automating tasks, centralizing data and making it easily accessible to multiple parties across the institution in real time, and enhancing business intelligence. Additionally, CRM will facilitate better intra- and interagency communication and collaboration, and improve abilities to manage funds and grant requests.

Citizen value creation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for government improves service to citizens through facilitating quicker and more effective interactions, empowering citizens and increasing transparency via self-service options and real-time access to information, and improving  the offerings that government provides to its citizens.

Government cost management

Management of taxpayer dollars is a high-priority of any government institution, regardless of department or nature of service. With the right CRM, institutions can more proficiently manage the cost of governing.


Dynamics CRM allows the quick integration of existing infrastructure into a system that also enhances usability and provides greater insight into current processes. This includes: the ability to extend IT investments at minimal costs through rapid integration and low-start up investment; automation and streamlining of code enforcement; cost-savings through the sharing of solutions; reduced training costs due to familiarity with existing Microsoft products; and additional revenue generation via better analytics and data gathering capabilities.

Qixas Group is a preferred Microsoft partner for CRM Government training in Ottawa. The Qixas CRM Accelerated Boot Camp for Government  is designed for CRM users, managers, power users, project managers, business analysts and system administrators and focuses on applications functionality as well as configuration and customization capabilities.

Shawna Sharma
Shawna Sharma
Marketing Manager at Qixas Group and Microsoft Dynamics enthusiast. Follow Shawna Sharma on LinkedIn