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There’s More Than One Way to Purchase & Deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV

You have options! On Premise. Cloud. Hybrid.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers the full range of options available for purchasing and deploying software. Qixas Group can walk you through the pros and cons of each to determine which option best suits your processes and your business. It’s an important decision, so let’s take the time to explore each.

On Premise

This is perhaps the simplest to explain. It’s also the most traditional. Companies choose an on premise purchase and deployment for a couple of basic reasons.

  • They want to own (not lease) the software
  • They want the software to run on their internal system and servers, i.e. it’s all on premise

For many, the on premise option is the one they’re most familiar with, so it feels comfortable. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you understand that the onus for the maintenance of your system is on you. Maintenance includes back-ups, patches, updates, upgrades, disaster readiness, cybersecurity, performance monitoring, and more.


When you’re in the cloud, you’re leasing your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, in this case Microsoft Dynamics NAV. And, your software is running on servers in the cloud. Nothing is on premise. Think of the cloud as the diametric opposite of an on premise solution. Your cloud services provider (CSP) is responsible for installing patches, updates and upgrades. Since you don’t own the software, you have no upfront purchase cost. You’re either paying a fixed monthly fee or a pay as you consume fee.

In a full cloud solution, all of your applications, not just your ERP, are running in the cloud.


Hybrid solutions are fast becoming the most popular. The definition of a hybrid is that some of your applications run in the cloud and some run on premise. It’s that simple. Perhaps, for example, you’re running Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud but your Microsoft Exchange server is on premise. Or vice versa, i.e. you’re running Office 365 in the cloud and your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software is on premise. There are numerous permutations and you can choose which apps you want in the cloud and which apps you want on premise.

There is no one option that is better than the other. It’s more a question of personal preferences and the best fit for your unique requirements. But the point is that you have choices.

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