Microsoft Dynamics CRM Advanced Development

This course offers detailed and interactive information on how to develop extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM , with focus on extension methods. It provides instruction on the use of a number of Common Platform Operations, on how to query and execute these operations, as well as on developing a concise understanding of business process implementation and workflows. In addition, the course describes how to use Plug-ins, application event programming, client extensions and web resources. 

Audience Profile

This course is a CRM development course intended primarily for Architects, Developers, System Integrators and Project Managers.

This three day in-depth developer camp will focus on:

  • Front-end design and development
  • Back-end development
  • Best practices
  • Automation and Integration

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Dynamics CRM experience in basic form customizations and workflows.
  • We recommend attending the Qixas Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accelerated Bootcamp or similar Microsoft courses outlined in the Qixas bootcamps.
  • Background in one or more of the following technologies: NET-connected applications to Visual Studio, JScript, DHTML, XML, Transact_SQL, Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations and web services, Silverlight, Windows Workflow Foundation, AJAX and Windows AZURE Platform.


At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is extended and the core extensibility features.
  • Use common methods to access system and custom entities, including the Security Model, business logic, xRM Framework and exceptions.
  • Execute queries in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database, including QueryAttribute, QueryByExpression, LINQ, FetchXM, filtered views and OData.
  • Explain how the Organization Service web service interacts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM metadata.
  • Develop custom workflow activities for use within Microsoft Dynamics CRM that run code when configured workflow or dialog rules are created.
  • Debug custom workflow activity code and use declarative workflows for On-premise deployments.
  • Use Plug-ins to extend the functionality of events for any entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM .
  • Understand the integration between Windows Azure with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Course Details


  • Dev Tools
  • XRM Framework
  • Navigation and the Sitemap
  • Commands and the Ribbon


  • Portable Business Logic (PBL) and form scripting
  • OData and Web API's
  • Web Resources
  • Mobile client design


  • Web services architecture
  • Discovery and Org services
  • Plugins
  • Custom Workflow Activities
  • Custom Actions
  • Portals

Course ID: QIX1002
Duration: 3 Days
Price: $2450.00

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