Unified commerce software solutions for retail and hospitality

LS Retail offers software solutions for retail, restaurants, pharmacies, gas stations, and hospitality. Manage your business from front to back within a single platform.Say goodbye to uncontrolled costs, expensive upgrades and integrations that break down.

Technology for retail businesses with big ambitions

LS Central is one retail system, replacing all the separate 
 platforms you are using now. All data is stored in one central place, so you can keep track of your financials, sales, inventory, staff and revenue in real time, across your locations and channels.

Leverage the power of the cloud with LS Central

LS Central includes specialized functionality to run your retail management system as SaaS in the Microsoft cloud.

Cut costs and save time

  • Cut software and system administration costs
  • Have consistent financial data
  • Control prices, stock, promotions, customers and more from back office
  • Simplify and speed up upgrades

Boost Loyalty

  • Send customersspecial offers and promotions you know they are interested in
  • Create and manage loyalty programs that drive returns
  • Optimize your pricing and inventory

Streamline Operations

  • Automate tasks, to reduce manual work and time wasted
  • Forecast inventory
  • Track your performance with AI-powered BI
  • Create ad hoc reports

Manage Daily Tasks

  • Handle store replenishment
  • Manage staff permissions and communications
  • Receive, pick and transfer goods
  • Perform stock counting and adjustments
  • Keep track of sales

Explore LS Retail Solutions

Retail solutions that can be tailored to every channel

LS Central for Restaurants

Keep your restaurant in sync and serve customers quickly and professionally.

Manage your front of house, kitchen, inventory, workforce and customer loyalty programs.

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LS Central for Hotels

Speed up service, prevent shrinkage, and simplify access to key information.

Run your entire hospitality business, from property management to dining, retail sales and guest services, within a single platform.

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LS Express for Small Business

A powerful online retail Point of Sale to manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Get all the basic tools you need to run a modern, customer-oriented retail business. Run the setup wizard, and you are ready to start selling in minutes.

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Give your customers a one-stop-shop app

Customers can self-scan items, pay as you prefer and speed up the checkout, collect and spend loyalty points, view offers and promotions and maintain and share shopping lists.

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