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Interface and Navigation Improvements in the Business Central Wave 2

Business Central Wave 2 released in Fall of 2019 was the first release without the windows client.  This deprecation represents the maturity of the web client and the steep catchup that it has done over the past few years to gain parity with the old windows client.   The modern client allows the user to connect with Business Central over the browser, Windows 10 desktop app, or mobile apps on Android and iOS.  The Outlook add-in is great for working in Business Central while communicating with your customers or vendors. Here are some of the features of the wave 2 release:

Overview of all business functionality

One of the improvements in wave 2 that will be prominent will be the ability to get an overview of all the business functionality using the Role Explorer.  The functionality is accessible from the 3 stacked lines after the navigation menu.

The functionality is also visible through the Tell Me window.

The role explorer starts with all the functionality in the current role.

If you click Explore all, it will show all the functionality for each area.

Company Badge

Another interesting improvement is the ability to add a badge to the top right-hand corner. Under the Company Badge fasttab found in the Company Information page.  You can choose in Company Badge as Custom and select a 4-character Badge Text and Style.

The result will show a badge on the top-level navigation menu as shown in the screenshot below.

Personalizing list views

On list pages the user can create their own filtered list and save it as a view.  This view is available on the list page for the user to reuse, saving the user time from setting the common filters repeatedly.Set the filters in the filter pane, and then click on the 3 vertical dots or Save as… and give the view a name. The view can be modified after it is created.  Simply change the filters and click on Save.The view can be deleted, renamed and copied as a template for another view.

Create links to your favourite pages

Pages also have bookmarks on them.  If you wish to access the page from your role center, simply toggle on the bookmark icon.

Bookmark is also visible when you hover over the option in the Tell me page.  This way you can bookmark several pages at a time.

After you bookmark a page, it can be accessible from your role center under the Navigation Menu.  This menu can now also be personalized.

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