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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Request

Qixas Support strives to respond to all customer inquiries and requests in a timely manner. When submitting a support issue, please let us know the severity level, so we understand the impact a problem is having on your organization.

Severity Levels

Severity 1 – Critical
  • Production system is completely unavailable
  • Critical production problem that is severely affecting all users
  • No workaround is available
Severity 2 – High
  • Major operational functionality is impacted
  • Significant performance degradation is experienced
  • Issue is persistent and affects many users and/or a major functional process
  • Risk of significant data loss
  • Operations is disrupted but there is capacity to remain productive
Severity 3 – Medium
  • A medium-to-low impact problem that involves non-critical loss of functionality
  • User is attempting a non-critical function and is not getting expected results
  • A problem that impairs some operations but allows you to continue to function
  • The user can easy circumvent or avoid the issue
  • No significant implications on data integrity
Severity 4 – Low
  • Production system is largely stable
  • Issue has no impact on quality, performance or functionality
  • Information request for general usage, system capabilities, navigation, installing or configuration

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