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Demystifying Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

We’re ready to take you under the hood of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade. Out of the shadows and into the light of day. In fact, we’re ready to share all of our secrets for a successful NAV upgrade with you. So sit back and read on.

A successful upgrade is based on two key elements:

  • Architecting a comprehensive upgrade plan
  • Knowing how to avoid the pitfalls that often derail an upgrade

The team at Qixas Group, over the course of decades and hundreds of upgrades for our more than 600 clients, has perfected both.

Architecting a comprehensive upgrade plan

The architecture for planning an upgrade is similar to the architecture that was used for your original Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation. Except that since your system was implemented, it has grown. Your databases have grown. You’ve integrated third-party applications. The upgrade will be more complex and will, therefore, require a more complex architecture.

But in the end, it all boils down to a plan that tackles the upgrade one simple step at a time. And making sure that each step is successfully completed before moving on to the next.

It’s kind of like knitting a sweater! If you overlook at slipped stitch somewhere at the beginning, you’ll end up having to rip it all out in order to correct the problem and complete the sweater. One slipped stitch, one tiny defect, can ruin the outcome.

That’s exactly what you want to avoid by thoroughly testing each step in the upgrade process. There are no shortcuts. You can’t move from A to C without completing B.

Knowing how to avoid the pitfalls that often derail an upgrade

Experience has taught us to identify and avoid the pitfalls. It’s kind of like knowing where the potholes are on the roads you frequently travel. It’s easy enough to avoid a flat tire by skirting those potholes if you know where they are. And Qixas knows exactly where they are!

  • Large databases that may ultimately impact performance (and not in a good way!)
  • Third-party applications that haven’t been updated to integrate with the most recent NAV version. We wish this didn’t happen but wishes don’t always come true.
  • Objects that haven’t been compiled
  • Customizations that require coding

And those are but a few examples of what we’re constantly on the lookout for.

Perfect solutions

Qixas not only watches out for these pitfalls but over the years we have developed solutions for these challenges. For example, we can apply our Archiving and Compression Tools to reduce the size of your databases and boost performance.

Qixas Group has helped hundreds of companies through successful Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrades by devising a step-by-step plan that keeps them within the scope and on budget. We even offer a free upgrade assessment to figure out if a standard NAV Upgrade or a Qixas Fresh Start Upgrade is best for your business.

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Steve Aho
Steve Aho
Steve Aho leads the Qixas team responsible for providing world-class consulting, implementation and upgrade services to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM clients and partners. Proactive and forward-thinking, Steve’s goal is always to exceed the expectations of Qixas clients. Follow Steve Aho on LinkedIn