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Attending Dynamics Summit 2019 Next Month? Be Like Arya Stark.

Attending Dynamics Summit 2019 Next Month? Be Like Arya Stark

The popular series, Game of Thrones, breathes life into memorable characters from a fantasy world who overcame massive obstacles while competing for power within the Seven Kingdoms. Arya Stark plays a nine-year-old girl – a tomboy who shows time and again how to face the pending doom facing the kingdoms – with courage, preparation, and action.

That sounds a lot like what businesses face every day, doesn’t it? With Microsoft Dynamics User Group Summit 2019 less than a month away, here are some practical ways to journey through the event and “do it like Arya.”

1. Be sure you have the right equipment.

Arya kept her trusty “Needle,” a pint-sized sword that was a gift from her brother Jon Snow by her side. Needle played a pivotal role in the series, and bringing the right equipment to the event can do the same for you.

  • LinkedIn on your phone

At Summit, keep your smartphone by your side with easy access to LinkedIn. As you network, be sure to connect with business leaders on the fly with LinkedIn. Go to their profile and send them a connection request immediately after a conversation to remind them who you are, and keep the conversation going.

  • Phone and laptop chargers

A dead battery can ruin your networking opportunities. Be sure to bring your phone and laptop chargers. In fact, just in case you can’t find easy access to a power source, bring portable chargers.

  • You can’t bring too many business cards

It is astounding how many people forget to bring business cards, or don’t bring enough. Be sure to stock up on business cards and generously pass them out. (Great for entering drawings as well!)

2. Prep, Prep, Prep. It bears repeating.

Arya is all about preparation. Her father hires a celebrated Braavosi swordsman so Arya can begin her training. Under his strict, but creative, coaching, Arya learns to fight in the Braavosi water dancer style with Needle. She masters her sword, and later trains mentally and physically with the Guild of the Faceless Men. Her planning and preparation for times to come was the secret to her survival.

  • Create a plan. Don’t risk wasting hundreds of dollars attending Summit without sitting down and creating a plan first.
  • Review the agenda. What would you like to learn during the event? Set a goal and use the agenda to tailor a plan to reach that goal.
  • Don’t miss the Summit keynotes where valuable information is offered for attendees. For smaller sessions, consider both the speaker reputation and the subject matter.

3. Make a list and check it twice.

In-Game of Thrones, Arya makes a growing hit list of all the people she wants to get rid of. No need to be so gruesome, but you might want a more positive list of some of the people you want to connect with at the event.

Summit is the time to network with your peers, connect with prospects or touch base with customers and vendors. Don’t leave it to chance that you will run into prospects at the conference. Reach out ahead of time and let them know you’ll be there. Book time on their calendar and gain their full, undivided attention, rather than running into them and cramming a conversation into a stop and chat.

What to do at Summit.

You’re finally here. You have the right equipment; you’ve prepared your plan…now what? Don’t be overwhelmed; here are a few more tips to get more out of Summit.

  • Get started early.

Don’t get stuck in the long line at the registration desk. Register early, so you have more time to join the race to meet and engage with people.

  • Attend more sessions with a little help from your coworkers.

Create a matrix of important sessions and split them up with your coworkers to learn more. Have a meeting when you return to your offices to share insights and talk about key takeaways.

  • Pick the brains of your competition.

Learn more about your industry and competitors. Summit is an opportunity to meet and understand the go-to-market strategies of your competition.

  • Go Social.

Go ahead, Tweet and Post to your heart’s content.

Use Summit’s dedicated hashtag. #UserGroupSummit to Monitor to see what people are talking about.

Here’s a quote from Arya to inspire you.

“Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water. Strong as a bear. Fierce as a wolverine. The man who fears losing has already lost. Fear cuts deeper than swords.”

—thoughts of Arya

Keep an eye out for Qixas Group’s next blog in two weeks – we’ll introduce you to “Ask Floyd,” our renowned Dynamics Business Central and all things Microsoft guru, and reveal a list of not-to-miss sessions that will empower you to succeed at Summit 2019. Here’s a link to our Summit Landing Page, so you don’t miss a thing.  

About the author: Qixas Group is a leading Microsoft certified partner in the Dynamics Community. Our team of senior professionals has worked with over 1500 Dynamics customers helping them increase profits and productivity.

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