What is the key to faster, more efficient reporting in Dynamics NAV?

Imagine all of your financial and accounting data working for you in an easy to digest, and easy to manage format that is built right inside Microsoft Excel and ready to use anytime, anywhere. That’s Jet Reports.Last week, Qixas Group hosted a successful webinar with Jet Reports Canada “Don’t let the numbers drive you crazy! Make ERP reporting easier with Jet Reports” . Managing Director of Jet Reports Canada, Janice Taylor presented the Jet Reports line up of products with a focus on Jet Express and Jet Professional, highlighting the core differences between how Jet reporting tools enhances the end user and executive experiences.Attendees were thrilled to hear that Jet provides all customers with training with every sale, easy licensing options with access to the licensing portal, annual updates, support and monthly tips and tricks.

Want to learn more?

View this short demo that gives you a quick peek into how Jet Reports integrates with Dynamics NAV. Learn more about the difference between Jet Express (free version), Jet Professional and Jet Enterprise. And when you’re ready to get better data faster, we’re here to show you how to get a fully functional business intelligence solution in a matter of hours with Jet Reports. Contact us to arrange a personalized demo and quote.



Shawna Sharma
Shawna Sharma
Marketing Manager at Qixas Group and Microsoft Dynamics enthusiast.